The Latest in Blockchain Technology Distributed Ledger – Smart Contracts with “Token Shield” With The Revolutionary GEM machines for “Clean Green Energy”

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Introducing Universal Energy Coin

Traditionally, ledgers are strictly managed by centralized computer systems until blockchain technology was developed. The Company’s solution is to build the UE Platform using a peer-to-peer distributed ledger (Blockchain). The Company’s business application model combines a cash flow component layer, using smart contracts that attach to revenue produced by the physical GEMs, creating a continuous cash flow directly from the gross revenue generated by the GEM to Token holders in real time.

SEG - a revolutionary technology

Our first GEM opportunity relates to the SEG, a revolutionary electrical generator designed to operate as an open-system of ambient energy which converts into electrical power. The machine is based on four material ring layers and new techniques in magnetic printing on the magnetic ring layers.

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The Team

We have a dynamic team of experts from the energy, technology and marketing spheres.

Chris Principe

CEO and President UEC
Chris Principe is the Founder and CEO of Solidus Global. He has personally developed the patent pending Referral Management System that powers Solidus Global. The RMS has been reviewed and approved by a group of international attorneys to be legally compliant globally. Chris has worked internationally as a consultant, exporter, importer, banker, trainer and financial solutions provider for over 25 years. As a futurist, his interest and goals are to provide people with alternative financial power based on the unique referral business model of Solidus Global. He has perfected a legal structure which is built to provide a long-term business opportunity. Since 2013 he has been interested in the use of cryptocurrencies as a reserve currency for global trade powered by blockchain technology. Chris is the publisher of FinFuture magazine and Financial IT magazine He is the official Trade Finance Certificate Instructor for FIBA and Florida International University. Chris is an invited keynote speaker at many international banking and fintech conferences and he has authored over 50 articles. In the state of Florida, Chris is a Notary Public and an RIA, Registered Investment Advisor. Read More About Chris Principe
Chief Executive CEO

Fernando D. Morris

SEGM Founder, CEO and President
Technology researcher and the foremost technical investigator of the SEG technology. Technically orientated with 25 years in commercial Satellite and IBM career experience. He has learnt directly from and studied under Prof. John R.R. Searl for 15 years and now with the steadfast goal of bringing the SEG technology from SEG R&D, to production and ultimately into the energy marketplace.

Julien Merzoug

Mr. Merzoug is a senior level international executive with a unique blend of financial, operational, technical and corporate strategy experience in the energy industry and construction. He has significant international business relationships and has a unique blend of management skills he has developed from his 35+ years in the project development and finance sectors. Mr. Merzoug acted as a Senior Executive Consultant to some of the largest providers of technical and commercial due diligence for the investment banking industry and to Multinational Engineering and Infrastructure, Procurement, Construction and Management Companies.

Jason Verbelli

Program Manager
Jason Verbelli is an operations manager, head of public relations and a laboratory technician. He continues to be a leader in the global movement for clean, affordable energy for over a decade. Jason Verbelli is an independent investigator and researcher of unconventional technologies.
Rory Perry Managing Director UEC

Rory Perry

Legal Advisor
Mr. Perry holds a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School with a concentration in Corporate & Islamic law. While at Harvard, Mr. Perry completed Islamic finance and Sharia studies including his thesis under the founder of the Islamic Legal studies Department at Harvard Law. Mr. Perry has 30 years of business management and corporate legal experience, including 13 years as the founder & CEO of TekBooks, a successful computerized accounting staffing/consulting company. He also served for 9 years as the CEO of I-Three Technologies, an aerospace technology company that provided flight data analysis, database, and software services to JetBlue Airways. Over the past 25 years, Mr. Perry has worked with several of the leading figures and pioneers of Islamic finance in America and has many years of experience and legal expertise in international trade & finance transactions with extensive experience in oil, gas and energy transactions. Mr. Perry has successfully formed, managed, operated and financed businesses in the following industries; restaurant, convenience grocery, real estate, construction, technology, accounting, consulting, business services, and vocational training utilizing Sharia compliant standards and principles.
Dr. John J. Searl Inventor and Chief Science Advisor

Prof. John R.R. Searl

Inventor and Chief Science Advisor
Professor John R. R. Searl is the inventor of the SEG. He is the visionary scientist behind utilizing free-flowing electrons. He offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy. He is working closely with the SEG Development Team.
Communications - Vincent Hallberg

Vincent Hallberg

Chief Communications Officer
A full-stack website developer, Vince has been a sole proprietor and open source contributor focused on the development of a multilingual CMS known as Custodian CMS since 1994. He joined the SEG Magnetics team in early 2015 to help expand upon their existing Internet presence, and later as the Chief Strategic Planning Officer (CSPO).
Mederice Turbee CFO UEC

Mederic Turbee

Mr. Turbee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Accounting from Pace University, Pleasantville, New York, and is an active member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Mr.Turbee has over 20 years of experience specializing in the financial services industry working with such firms as KMPG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Swiss Re and The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. A leader in the development of Operational Risk Management, Mr. Turbee offers a unique blend of senior management acumen, financial accounting and reporting, global project management, process design and re-engineering. Significant accomplishments and highlights in Mr. Turbee's career include leadership roles at DTCC, where he spearheaded the firm's new initiative to design, develop and implement a vendor risk management platform as part of their overall Operational Risk Management framework. Both programs were reviewed and approved by regulatory agencies such as the SEC and the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. At Swiss Re, he rose through the position of Senior Risk Manager responsible for establishing and maintaining SOX 404 compliance for the firm's Asset Management desks, and became the AVP of Operational Risk Management, where he led risk management, and process re-engineering efforts over the Capital Markets desk, focusing on the firm's independent price valuation activities.
Director of Marketing

George Ross

Mr. Ross is a senior level executive with 45+ years’ experience in human resource management and technology resource management. From 1975 to 1980, he composed, designed, programmed and Implemented the initial Automated Aircraft Records check procedures as a prototype for the USAF. Later his design was implemented for the US Airforce system-wide. Mr. Ross setup early off-site personal computer technology by connecting remote terminals (PC’s) to allow long distance communications (primitive Internet) between remote terminals. The first functional units were set up between Valdosta, Ga and Jacksonville, Fl (approximately 120 miles apart). Mr. Ross supervised the US Air National Guard (ANG) implementation team in integrating the first functional internet computer system and connecting the 91 ANG units directly to operational USAF bases. Mr. Ross was a Master Technology Instructor at Chanute AFB, Illinois where he Instructed field grade officers and NCO’s within the Communication Electronics and Aircraft Maintenance technology. Mr. Ross is an early pioneer of Blockchain technology and he teaches cryptocurrency and blockchain development technology.
Strategic Marketing Director - UEC Africa

Mr. Owusu Darko

Strategic Marketing Director - Africa
Mr Darko is a business entrepreneur with12+ years experience in human resource management and marketing. He has been involved in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space since 2012 and has a large following of cryptocurrency devotees today. Mr Darko has been involved in teaching and educating people in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments in several African countries. He also advises and consults on ICO startups.

Why this changes everything

An amazing turn of events is coming from the digitalizing (computerization) of all facets of business including energy and finance to simplify and streamline operations. More and more automation is reducing manual repetitive tasks, freeing us humans to more challenging and creative endeavors, (i.e. Robots will replace manufacturing jobs) such as computer execution of a smart contract. Also, errors from human interventions will be virtually eliminated or reduced to a minimum, thus preventing any form of manipulations that could be used for personal gains (i.e. opportunism).

solar power


The Tokens are guided by UE Smart Contracts, connected to a revolutionary energy producing machine(s) (hereinafter referred to as a “Global Energy Machine(s)”, or “GEM”), using proprietary embedded hardware/software for the purpose of a) monitoring GEM operations and b) digitally collecting energy revenue in order to distribute the revenue in real time as electricity is produced and sold. The UE Smart Contract sends the digital revenue directly to all Token holders in real time. The supply and demand of the Token is driven by market forces that may drive the Token price up or down.


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