The Latest in Blockchain Technology Distributed Ledger – Smart Contracts with “Token Shield” With The Revolutionary GEM machines for “Clean Green Energy”

UEC Token Sale is Live

Token Allocation
  • Funding GEM Projects (80%)
  • UE LLC reserve (20%)
Funds Distribution
  • SEG Magnetics (50%)
  • UE token holders (40%)
  • UE management & expenses (10%)

Token Parameters

Role of TokenEnergy token for fee with in the UE Shield network and platform
Token Abbreviation/NameUEC
Token Price10 cents US in equivalent tokens
Emission RateEach new energy commitment more than the working tranche of 65m MwH results in an opportunity for a new token authorization and allotment
Token NetworkEthereum (ERC20 extended)
Max SupplyOne billion (1,000,000,000) UEC Tokens
large amount of coins
ethereum and bitcoin

Token Sale Details

 Private PresalePublic Sale
Period1st May 2018 – 30th June 20181st July 2018 -30th April 2019
GoalUSD 10 millionUSD 100 million
Hard CapUSD 20 millionUSD 500 million
Minimum Transaction AmountUSD 5500 in equivalent tokensUSD 500 in equivalent tokens
ParticipantsStrategic PartnersNon US Participants
DistributionSmart Contract is used to generate and transfer tokens upon receiving ETH, BTC and approval of KYC.

How To Contribute

1. Personal Info

2. Wallet

3. KYC

4. Purchase

1. Register

Use our simple form to register for KYC compliance. We only require very basic fields. All requests are attended to within 48 hours or less.

2. Use Supported Wallet

Since UEC tokens are ERC20 standard, we need you to have an Ethereum based wallet where tokens will be transferred. Exchanges are not yet supported, although we do have plans to support them in the near future.

3. KYC

Issuance of UEC tokens is subject to approval of the uploaded KYC document. Please make sure you're uploading valid documents.

4. Purchase

Enter the number of UEC tokens that you'd like to purchase. Minimum buyout quantity is 10 ETH @ USD 0.10/token. Select the desired payment mode. You'll then be presented with the transaction info, bearing the recipient wallet address and the amount required. If the KYC is accepted, Claim Tokens. If not we will send the money back.

UEC Initial Coin/Token Offering

The Token Launch will take place over 12 months starting on May 1, 2018 at 13:00 UTC or as amended prior to release. One billion (1,000,000,000) Tokens will be distributed during the Token Launch according to the schedule below with an opening minimum purchase price of US $0.10 in equivalent Tokens.

  1. 200,000,000 Tokens (20% of the total amount of Tokens to be distributed) will be distributed during a 60-day period beginning on May 1st, 2018 at 13:00 UTC and ending on June 30, 2018 at 12:59:59 UTC (the “Private Presale”). During this phase a 15% bonus will be given to participants.
  2. Following the Private Presale, 600,000,000 Tokens (60% of the total amount of Tokens to be distributed) will then be split evenly into 300 Consecutive 23-hour periods of 2,000,000 Tokens each ending on April 30th 2019 at 13:00:00 UTC.
  3. 200,000,000 Tokens (20% of the total amount of Tokens) will be held as a reserve by the Company and for the founder’s stake and cannot be traded or transferred on any network during the Token Launch, till May 1st 2019.

Why was this token distribution method chosen?

Many token distributions only allow a small number of people to participate. The distribution structure for the Token Launch was created to provide a sufficient amount of time for people to participate if they so choose, as well as give people the opportunity to see the development of the UE Platform prior to making the decision to purchase Tokens.

What are UEC Tokens?

Tokens are ERC-20 compatible token distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to the related UE Smart Contract.

All Tokens will be converted to the UE Platform when completed – one for one on the new and highly improved UE Platform.

UE Capitalization Plan

  • The Token Launch will be authorized to sell 800 million Tokens of the total authorized tranche of one billion Tokens.
  • The Company anticipates raising up to US $500 million dollars by the end of the Token Launch.
  • The Company will commit up to US$25 million of the funds raised in the Token Launch for Research & Development.
  • The Company will commit proceeds of the Token Launch to fund GEM (initially SEG) plant and equipment for an estimated US$250 million.
  • The remaining US$225 million in cash, or equivalent such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be used for operational reserves.
  • Any remaining balance of Tokens unsold shall serve as the company’s reserve.
how the SEG works

Voting Rights

UE shall manage all funding under all Joint-Ventures. UEC holders shall have a say in UE management. UE has designed a voting system to prevent hostile takeovers by a simple majority of UEC holders vote. UE’s board of directors (Board) hold a charter provision “VETO on all issues including but not limited to takeovers. The UE Board may not assign any part of their veto or use a proxy to use their veto without the express written consent of all board members. However, from time to time the Board may bring key issues to vote where the veto, is purposely turned off and the results stand as final against the VETO will require 67% of the full Board voting body calling for the VETO-OFF vote. The VETO-OFF vote will require a written statement, notarized and presented at a time certain (pre-established deadline) set by the board for consideration. This must be clearly stated in the general voting circular to the UEC holders including the names for and against the order to VETO-OFF vote, any absentee for any reason will be considered a NO VETO-OFF vote.


Non-Diluting New UEC Token Issues

Each new energy commitment more than the working tranche of 65m MwH results in an opportunity for a new token authorization and allotment. Existing UEC token holders will get special opportunity to acquire early positions in each new tranche. During the manufacturing/ plant construction period, new lease payments will lag to the new token holders, while the grandfather exemption clause will hold earlier token issues from being diluted from cash flow shortfalls of new tokens to the market. Each tranche will be inter-tradable at their market values. Trading between two sets of tranches (the old and new tokens) will be accomplished through trading exchanges, (i.e. both UEC tokens will be subject to market demand). When the new tranche of tokens is fully operational, and its revenues are flowing according to the commitment, the grandfathered token tranche(s) may merge with it if UEC management deems it appropriate and in that case, the old and new tokens merge as one set. As more tokens get issued to the system, more users are equally introduced.

Another major concern has arisen as a practical matter, the time to make consensus in issuing blocks and the cost associated therewith has sky-rocked which is an inhibitor to commerce and general exchange. Our mission is to harness blockchain 2.0 that will leapfrogs over the old system limitations. Each GEM organization will manage its company affairs, including but not limited to research, development, manufacturing oversight. UE primary task is to provide the funding requirements for the alternative energy machines and leases placement. UEC holders will vote on business issues of UE business ONLY. A GEM provider shall always operate as a separate corporate entity of directors and executives.